The Most Difficult Stage Of The Research Is To Develop The Research Plan

Published: 11th August 2010
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Research plan seems to be easier than doing the research itself, when actually planning research is the most difficult and fundamental. Many researchers take a long time to finish her studies because it was busy in choosing the research topic. Most of them only to the extent led to the idea and less understanding of systematic research.

The formulation of a systematic study will facilitate researchers in the preparation of the next. When preparing a plan of research means the researcher has to understand about the general picture of the object to be studied and understood the components should be prepared in the research.

The components of the research plan are:

The title, which is the part that best describes the overall content of the research because it can be said to "face" of the research.

Formulation of the problem to determine the extent to which researchers understand the problems-problems that will be the object of research.

Background is an argument that must be explained, why the researchers chose this topic.

The foundation of the theory is put forward theories that support the formulations obtained in this research so relevant to the research approach and proving a hypothesis which will be tested truth.

Hypotheses are the questions that arise from the results of reviewing the existing theories, and researchers choose which questions still need to be verified.

The goal of research is clear and useful. Any research must be scientifically justified and morally to the wider community and of course should be beneficial for the development of science that can be enjoyed by many people.

Methodologies, research quality are affected by the use of appropriate research methods. There are many methods that are recommended by senior researchers, for example: comparative method, experimentation, grounded methods, observations, surveys, correlation, system approach, feasibility studies and so forth.

References are one indicator of researchers have set up a foundation of theory relating to the object under study is to create a bibliography. Research journals could also underlie the study attempted to avoid duplication / repetition of research and enrichment of a better idea.

The above components are used in general research to various fields of science. Likewise, are applicable in the manufacturing, especially in research and development department

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